My Services

I believe all women are Gems. No matter your shape, size, or profession, I'm here to help you showcase your beauty and power to the world. Like a jeweler perfects a diamond, my consulting packages are designed specially to hone and enhance your image, so that your natural perfection shines through.


Custom Made Package

Can you remember the first time you looked at a piece of jewelry and thought, "This is perfect for me"? That feeling, that first impression was powerful. Our personal and professional first impressions can be just as powerful. We are all messengers of our personal brand, and how you wear yours projects that into the world. Showcasing your personality through your style is an important form of self-expression, and the Custom Made Package is designed to do just that.

Features Included:

  • Three hours of shopping*

  • Three in-person or video sessions for questions or immediate need

  • Custom Look-Book for inspiration

  • Our special "Custom Made" top that shows the world you take your image seriously

Polish Me Up Package

If you've got your style and image down and are living your brand everyday, but need that extra powerhouse, high polish look that differentiates you from the pack, our Polish Me Up Package is perfect for you. As a Gem, you know your cut is unique, and your setting is important. I'll help you tighten your image even further, giving you a renewed and reinvigorated feel, so you're ready to get out and shine like you were meant to.


  • Two hours of personal shopping*

  • Two in-person or video sessions for a pick-me-up

  • Our special "Polished" top that shows the world you take your image seriously



Personal Shopper Package

Need someone to find you the perfect pieces to compliment your current look? I understand that if you're a working professional, you don't always have time to get out and shop, that's why I offer the Personal Shopper Package to take care of it for you! I take your image seriously, so to me, this isn't just heading to the mall for a couple of hours. I'll take my knowledge of your brand, and find the perfect pieces to help build your image, all while you continue building your professional brand.



*Packages do not include budget for apparel and other items, we work with whatever budget fits you best.