Even Powerful Women Utilize Image Consultants

Whether you're on your way to the top, or already there, everyone can benefit from the expertise and experience of a professional image consultant. Powerful and successful women have used image consultants for years to ensure their clothing and image convery their personal brand.


Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is the Queen of television, but even the powerful mogul has made fashion and image mistakes, according to her stylist. However, the TV icon, and entertainment mogul is nearly always on brand with her stylish, sophisticated look that has matured with her through the years.


Gal Gadot

According to Gadot's stylist, it's her confidence that truly shines through in her simple wardrobe choices. While she is a beautiful woman, Gadot understands that you have to be who you are, and have an image that supports that, and so does her stylist.


Michelle Obama

The ultimate class-act, Michelle Obama's image while in the White House was implacable, and her brand stood for what she believed in. Politicians have teams of image consultants working with them, and so do their spouses, especially when they are as front-and-center as the former first lady.