I empower mothers to find their identity, confidence and individuality through the art of styling.


Your Image is My Mission

Your image is a powerful tool. When you let your true beauty shine through, you create an aura of confidence that is palpable to those around you. Just like any other skill, your image takes time to master, that's where I come in. I will work tirelessly to ensure your outer image matches your inner power. Book a free appointment today, and let me help you, shine through. 


You may be a wife, mother, entrepreneur, friend, or sister. The list goes on for the many roles you hold. Even with the many roles, you still don't find time yourself when it comes to you and your style, especially being a mom. Chances are you stumbled across this page, because you're looking for insight on how to release your confident stylish self even on the go.


You've wondered when you're going to be able to let your inner fashionista out. At times you even say to yourself that you don't even have style. Truth is you do, we just need to work together to bring it out. Even the busiest moms can still look stylish.


You have even grown tired of getting those subscription boxes that are a hit or miss, after paying that monthly fee to get it right. You deserve something that is custom for you, GUARANTEED every time. Even on the busiest days, why shouldn't you still look and feel your best. 


The perception that you don't put much thought in your look is a major pet peeve of yours, and it's holding you back from that promotion you deserve. The truth is you don't feel like you have the time nor energy with everything you have going on. Taking care of the house, working 9-5, taking care of the kids, life, and the list goes on. The thought of shopping overwhelms you and brings major anxiety. You never seem to find anythig that you like, or let alone find something that fits.  







I'm Latoya, owner of L&R Image Group.  I love empowering mothers like you through fashion and style to develop an image that matches your  personality. I'm a mother, but I'm also a woman who loves to look good. Through many mistakes over the years, I have grown to learn many things about myself and my style. I can help you discover the real you, define/discover your style, and create a wardrobe that speaks for you.

Meet Latoya






Who I Am

My company, L&R Image Group, is a creative and powerful image consulting company dedicated to helping you discover and express the most confident, stylish you.


My Mission

Our mission is simple: To empower women to pursue an authentic style message that speaks true to who they are.


What I Do

As a professional image consultant, I provide the tools, resources, and expertise to take you to the next level personally and professionally. I believe in expressing an attitude of gratitude, serving and empowering the women I have the opportunity to work with.


Your Image tells the world about you. what is it saying?

Everyone remembers the old saying, “Your first impression is your last impression”.  The way you present and carry yourself as an individual gives people an idea of the type of person you are before you even have the chance to meet them. We're all walking advertisements of our own personal brand, showcasing our personalities through the image we present to the world. From the way we carry ourselves, to the clothes on our back, our image expresses who we are and creates our personal brand.


What does your personal brand say about you?

When you look in the mirror, does the image looking back at you express how you want the world to view you? Perhaps you’ve got your signature style down to a science, but you’re missing that extra powerhouse touch that silently speaks to your audience, and sets you apart in a unique way.

I will:

  • *Cause the Gem that you are to shine bright
  • *Create a personal brand message that says you belong
  • *Create a wardrobe that represents who you are and gets you to the next level
  • *Overcome any image barriers that may be holding you back

Even Powerful Women Utilize Image Consultants

Whether you're on your way to the top, or already there, everyone can benefit from the expertise and experience of a professional image consultant. Powerful and successful women have used image consultants for years to ensure their clothing and image convery their personal brand.


Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is the Queen of television, but even the powerful mogul has made fashion and image mistakes, according to her stylist. However, the TV icon, and entertainment mogul is nearly always on brand with her stylish, sophisticated look that has matured with her through the years.


Gal Gadot

According to Gadot's stylist, it's her confidence that truly shines through in her simple wardrobe choices. While she is a beautiful woman, Gadot understands that you have to be who you are, and have an image that supports that, and so does her stylist.


Michelle Obama

The ultimate class-act, Michelle Obama's image while in the White House was implacable, and her brand stood for what she believed in. Politicians have teams of image consultants working with them, and so do their spouses, especially when they are as front-and-center as the former first lady.